home warranty cost missouri

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Because homeowners insurance doesn’t cover everything in your home, like appliances, ductwork, air conditioners, heating systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, and phones, you need additional coverage. This coverage comes in the form of a home warranty. At the Home Service Club, we custom fit each of our home warranty plans to your needs. We take on the stress of repairing and replacing worn out appliances so you don’t have to. I have Choice Home Warranty on four separate properties located in three states. One of my properties actually has a secondary policy because of both size and a second kitchen. Three properties have Optional Coverage for septic systems, in ground well pumps and in ground pool. I submitted a claim for system failure of pool pump. The claim was denied. According to the Choice Home Warranty technician the claim was denied for multiple reasons all of which the technician tried to assure the claim adjuster were NOT the reasons for the failure. Choice Home Warranty advised me they would consider a second opinion by a licensed pool company and the total cost of inspection and opinion must be borne by me.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

They never had the courtesy to call and tell me or the vendor.

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home warranty cost missouri

“ Choice Home Warranty has reliable customer service reps ready to answer your warranty needs when it arises. ”