home warranty insurance company

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Better Business Bureau Among the items we found: The Better Business Bureau BBB received more than 2,300 complaints about HomeSure nationwide in the past three years. That sounds like a lot, but as past Bamboozled columns have shown, it's impossible to tell whether a complaint number is high or low without having the perspective of knowing how much business a company does. We asked CCHS, but a spokeswoman refused to say how many warranties it has. She did say it manages more than one million claims per year. BBB lists 18 alternate business names, including HMS and CCHS, for the company. It's common for a company with that many complaints to receive an low rating from BBB, but BBB didn't rank the company.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

2 The previous owners only kept up superficial looks, but other items in terrible condition.

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home warranty insurance company

“ This was after we had paid 100 to be told unit is shot. ”